In 2011 it was released that there would be a series of updates.

Username changing

The username changer will allow users to get a new username every so often. Nobody knows when this is going to come out but the mods and admins say it is coming out 'soon'. Its assumed that it could be taking a while because its simply a big project or because there are other adaptions being made at the same time.

GIF using

Users can now upload gifs like a normal image and use them on their biographies, in the forums and more.

New Filter System

The new filter changes inappropriate (or unknown) words into #'s. This makes it faster for the user to recieve messages because it does not have to go into moderation. Also this allows chat to be open for days without moderators.

*If you find a word that is filtered, but shouldn't be. Please contact an admin about this.                                                                Administrators, Moderators and Junior moderators have filter-free profiles for this purpose.                                                        Telling them words that are being filtered is a good way to give feedback, that additionally helps the filter improve.           The filter is getting better every day this way.

There are a lot of complains about the new filter, including anti-filter groups. We have always had a filter, this one is  simply more advanced and gives the ability to free up moderators time a bit, and gives opportunities we've never had before (eg. chat always open). The filter has given Kidzworld a step forward, although some people do not think so, but the filter is definitely here to stay, from 2012 onward.


Chat is now open 24/7. This was only able to work with the new filter system, allowing moderators to not have to be in the chat all the time.

Mobile-Friendly Chat

Kidzworld chat is now optimized for mobile phones. 

It is not an app.

All features, with the exception of the username changer, were completed in 2012. 

More adaptions are being continued in 2013