While some of the changes, like Username Changer, are still in process, there are more and more additional features being added in 2013.

Private Messaging

Apparently, Private Messaging used to be a feature on Kidzworld but was taken down because it was unsafe (not sure if this is true, but would make sense). But due to the new filter on Kidzworld, Private Messaging can be brought back onto Kidzworld.

It was added a few hours later after this page was posted! 

Private Messaging opened on 17/1/13

Award System

Kidzworld is has a new system, where you are rewarded for logging in, reading articles and participating in normal things on Kidzworld! You are rewarded with points, which in return you can use to get items, such as KW wallpaper (generally costs 100 points) and other more exclusive/limited items.

All of this is recorded in a toolbar located at the bottom of every KidzWorld page (If it is not appearing, press CTRL + F5 and if it continues to not appear contact an admin)

Here are some of the items currently listed (as of 24/4/13) under the rewards section...

Item Description Cost
Tennis Gary* Wallpaper Spend your hard earned coins here! For only 100 coins, you can get a Tennis Gary Wallpaper for your computer or tablet! Just click redeem and you're on your way to having the coolest Wallpaper in town! 100
Pirate Gary* Wallpaper (Same As Above) 100
Painting Gary* Wallpaper (Same as Above) 100

KidzWorld Team Wallpaper

(Same As Above) 100
DJ Gary Wallpaper (Same As Above) 100


Carrying Case

Signature Silver Kidzworld Carrying Case, [dimensions: 8"L x 6"W X 3" H] - great for stashing anything and everything from snacks and pencils to make up and hairbrushes! 10000


Logo Notepad

Jot down reminders and make to do lists on this Cool Kidzworld Logo Notepad, [dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5"W x 1.5"H]. 2000

Visit KidzWorld to view previews of these prizes.

 Award System was up and running on 24/4/13


*Gary is pretty much KW's mascot. He's a little creature that features a lot in the backgrounds, logos and other parts of the design on the website!