One of Kidzworld's features, is an active forum board, which many of the members contribute to.

Kidzworld's forum board, have many sections, such as...

  • General
  • Say Anything
  • Debating
  • Poetry & Stories
  • Books & Comics
  • New Users
  • Girls Only
  • Boys Only

And much, much more.

Popular threads, are known to get up to/over thousands of replies. They're often topics like Word Gaming (Multiple thread games have been made like this. One where the user above's last letter of their word, must be the beginning of yours)

What are you listening to- That's self explanatory. You just state the name and artist of the music you're currently listening to. This board has gotten so big, they have made a 2012 version and 2013 version.

Nickname Boards/ Banner Boards - People request a nickname/banner and they get one! 

Many users on Kidzworld make their own request boards!

Rate the signature above you! - Self explanatory also, you just rate the person's signature out of 10. There are also threads for rating profiles, pictures etc.

Not all users post in the forum board, or the popular topics.

As of 2011, the Girls Only and Boys Only section cannot be posted inside by the other gender. You must now be a certain age to post in those sections - and both genders can view both sections.