With over 1969543 members, KidzWorld is a thriving website. All members are aged between 8-17, and once they turned 18 they are no longer allowed to use their accounts. The only normal user older than 17 on KW is a Junior Moderator, who moderates the Roleplays.

Becoming a member gives them the ability to post in forums , participate in chat, polls, quizzes and chat with other members. 

If a user does not follow the rules, depending on the situation, a user may get banned, put in the penalty box, or a time ban/kick from the chatroom. The chatroom is moderated by moderators . They are paid to do this job, are over 18 and live in Canada. KidzWorld does not hire previous members to become moderators. The forum board, however is moderated by Junior Moderators, who are normal users, hand-picked by Admins for being good rolemodels. 

"There is no actual way to become a Junior Mod. We are not adding any new junior mods right now. If and when a user is considered they will be asked. Those who ask to be a junior mod will not be considered."

No users are exempt from being banned, put in penalty box, or being kicked from chat. If a user doesn't follow the rules, no matter if they are a junior moderator or a normal user, consequences will be set out.