When you join Kidzworld, you have access to a profile.

You can alter who sees what information on your profile and there are many ways to customize it!


Settings Result
Low       Enables every user to see every detail of your profile, even if they aren't on your friends list.



Enables every user to see your profile image and about me, but comments, photos and videos are only in their access if they're on your friends list.
High Disables anyone to see anything on your profile, besides your profile image and username.

Early 2012 the format of profiles was changed, allowing images to be copied and pasted, GIFS to be uploaded and the edit biography mode now has a more visual format.

Biographies let you write a little bit about yourself, in any way you want!

You can write as little or as much about yourself as you wish.

(If anything possibly inappropriate is caught by the filter it is sent to moderators to be approved.)

(If you see something innapropriate or against KW rules on someone's profile, you should always report it)


There are many widgets to choose from to customize your profile. You can add images, videos, music and more! 

(The Mixpod widget doesn't work anymore, due to the mixpod website being shut down)

There is also a 'My Favourites' section where you can add your favourite things! This section has a title box and a text box, both editable (So you don't have to particularly write about your favourite things)


Comment Box
The comment box works as Kidzworld's main messaging system. This box is a widget, when placed on their profile, any approved comments are visible on their profile. The comment box is filtered, (See Filter's Section) with the latest filter, making the words turn into ## if they are unknown or innapropriate.
Private Messaging
Private Messaging was apparently a feature a long time ago, but due to safety issues, was removed. In 2013, it was added again, due to a new filter it was able to be returned to Kidzworld. Private Messaging ("PM") is a way to contact users privately, and safely. Only you and the user you are talking to is able to see the messages you send through PM.


Old Filter New Filter
If it catches a word that could be possibly innapropriate or be personal information (eg. I'm just on [.com being the caught phrase here] the comment will be sent to moderators for moderation. It is not seen by the person you are sending it to unless it is approved by the moderators.

If it catches an unknown, or innapropriate word/phrase (eg. I'm just on, it automatically changes the unknown/innapropriate word to "##" or allows the user to replace with another word.




Hacking - I guess, is like a trend of Kidzworld. A user will send a nice message (via comment or PM) for the other user to put on their profile, like this....

"Hey! User is hacking you! This person is awesome. They're kind, caring, and you should totally add them. From, User."

While hacking is awesome, you should always make sure you never ever give out your password to someone who wants to hack you.

No matter how much ya trust them, its against the rules - and you don't know what they might look at or change on your account. :)

  1. Send your hack to your friend through comments (make sure they delete it after if you do) or PM.
  2. Make sure to include any fonts, or colours and images you might want with it.
  3. Get them to put this all on their profile.
  4. Look at that, you're done!


Requesting Account Removal

If its come to that sad time of your Kidzworld life where you want to delete your account, then here's how to do it.

Email :

Jordan is the manager of Kidzworld, and if you email her your username and ask kindly to be removed from Kidzworld, she can do that for you.

Q. Why can't you just ask them on KidzWorld?

A. For safety reasons, you cannot delete your account by commenting an Admin or Moderator. In case someone else gets into your account, or you accidentally leave yourself online - nobody will be able to get you deleted unless you email Jordan personally.

Q. Why was my account deleted/locked?

A. It could have been that your age said you had turned 18 (therefore you would automatically be removed from KidzWorld), you had requested your account be deleted via email, or you (or someone on your account) had done something against KidzWorld rules.

Q. Can I make another account after being locked?

A. Unless you're over 18 years of age, I'm sure you can.