Wiki Rules

This section will give you the all of the rules you must abide by when you are editing this Wiki.

Page Under Construction :


  • Breaking any of these rules may result in a temporary or permenant ban from this wiki or (in case of Administrators or Bureaucrats) loss of User Rights

User Rules

All users or guests to KW Wiki must abide by the following rules :

  • Keep all content you create or post, appropriate.
  • Do not share any personal information (eg. Last name, address, email, phone number, town name etc.)
  • Links to outside of KW Wiki or are not permitted
  • Please do not vandalise other's works
  • Do not write content that is rude towards certain people (eg. Any user of KW or KW Wiki)
  • Have fun!

Admin Rules

All Administrators and/or Bureaucrats must abide by the following rules :

  • Do not edit an existing page without founder's permission (unless page was created by another user or yourself)
  • Keep everything you post appropriate and only post URLS to KW Wiki pages and/or
  • Do not edit the homepage.
  • Only use the Admin Dashboard when necessary and if you know what you're doing.
  • Follow all of the "User Rules"